How to bet and play in slot machines or slots?

We assume you know how to play a slot machine: bet a number and spin it, and then move on to more complex forms of learning. The most important thing to know is that you must learn to identify which is the best slot machine to play, and by that we mean knowing which machine best suits your gaming and budget needs. There are as many different slots as there are players, and finding the one that suits you is the most important thing.

Classic slot machines or coin slot bit

When you see a machine with three rollers, you will immediately identify it as a classic slot machine. And the same if the symbols that appear in them are fruits (in fact, in English, slots are also known as fruit machines).

Although there is nothing base wrong in these machines, it is played less and less due to the competition of others with better animations, videos and multiple bonus possibilities. You will not see big differences, in any case, the time to win or lose money in either of them.

Video slot machines

When we say that slot machines are the most popular game in online casinos, we refer to those of this type. These “monsters” of five rollers come in multiple and different forms, being manufactured in series of hundreds and thousands of. If we also add their graphics and special features we will get an unlimited number of slots.


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Slot machines bring from 3 to 30 reels (some even have 243 possible combinations to win) and 5 win lines.

Progressive slot machines

Progressive slots are not very different from video slots, but they are the most lucrative available, but also those that will make us lose more money. Logical, in a way.

In progressive slots, a small portion of all bets feed the jackpot or pot. Therefore you should not expect significant gains during a regular game session, so it is discouraged to play them for most of the time (that is, while the pot is not filled).


We have explained above in CasinoComparador.Com what is the RTP (Return to Player), the return to the players, a percentage that in theory comes back to us based on our investment in the slot machine (the more we spend more prizes will give us the machine).

Identifying which slot machine falls into this category is as easy as checking your information online. Many slot machine developers strive to make that information public and it’s worth it: most slot machines of this type have an RTP of between 94% and 97%

Although the RTP is really important and should be considered, there are other important factors that we must take into account.


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The difference in slot machines is as important as the RTP, if not more so, although it is more difficult to identify. It is not as simple as searching for a barcode or ID on the machine. Actually you have to learn about the slots in general (and in depth) before being able to identify their value difference. The good thing is that you can always feel it when you play for fun. And you already know that you can play test in some of the best online casinos without risking real money, right?